BrainBreak is the winning Hackaton project at 2020 ATLAS T9 Hacks. I worked on a team with five other students. The basis of the project was early childhood education in the technology space. 
BrainBreak is a web plug-in and mobile application that encourages healthy digital habits by interspersing content consumption with fun, creative, and educational activities.
Our project is based on the notion of teaching children in the age group of 3-5 year olds healthy consumption habits for using technology. To do this we built a web plugin and designed a mobile app prototype, both of which monitor the child's use of technology and has them complete another activity after a set time of technology usage. We created 6 activities that are additional healthy habits for the child. The goal of the product is to teach children to take breaks from technology and to incorporate other healthy habits into their life. 
My work on the project was the design and creation of the app prototype, logo, and website. 
The product will cause a pop-up to display on the browser or mobile device after the given amount of time, from which the child will choose from one of the 6 activities. Once the child has competed the activities for the set amount of time, they can resume their technology usage. 
The product includes features such as time settings under a parent password protected portal, and usage statistics both parents and children can access. 
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