At Finish Line, I maintain two brands - Finish Line and parent company JD Sports. The brands exist across responsive web, and iOS and Android apps.
Maintaining multiple app frameworks was getting complicated and costly for the company. We had apps for Finish Line and for JD Sports on both iOS and Android. None of the experiences were consistent across the apps, and they didn't utilize best practices.
The solution is a unified app framework, giving Finish Line and JD Sports a consistent experience and tech stack.  
To determine the best ways to design the app experience I referenced a number of competitors apps:
• Nike
• Foot Locker
• Adidas
• Under Armour
• Lululemon
• REI Co-op 
• Chewy
• Best Buy
• Walmart 
• Target
• Nordstrom 
• Anthropologie
• Sephora 
• DSW 
I also conducted research in the form of testing the ease of use of different designs and interactions. 
Among all the pages that had to be redesigned, the product details page had the most work redone. This included testing to determine the best way to design the color selection, size selection, and pick-up or delivery selection. 
Below is the before (left) and after (right) of the Finish Line app product details page. 

Finish Line Before Redesign

Finish Line After Redesign

Below is the before (left) and after (right) of the JD Sports app product details page. 

JD Sports Before Redesign

JD Sports After Redesign

I also redid the responsive web product details page to keep the over experience consistent. Differences exist between the app and web versions based on research and best practices. 
Among the many projects I've done at Finish Line, I also got the chance to redesign the homepage layout for responsive web. This involved revisiting content hierarchy and spacing. 
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