For this project the task was to create generative art. I choose to take a nature approach to this as nature is the biggest creator of generative art. Nature follows a pattern yet each creation is a unique display of those set patterns and rules. I found this to be true of all creations alive or otherwise; from mountains to human anatomy. 
For this piece I was inspired by cherry blossom trees - one of my favorite plants. I enjoy the colors of the blooms and the non-linear pattern of the branches. 
For this piece I was inspired by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and the zig zag patterns of the designer Missoni. I follows a vivid color pallet similar to those of Missoni. The mountains are layered to create a pattern that goes beyond that of a natural landscape.  
Here I was inspired by the way the human body, specifically veins, are a form of generative art. Each person have the same form and pattern, yet each of us looks different and are vein patterns are different. I wanted to showcase that with a new vein pattern in each piece. 
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